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We give opportunities.

We believe in the potential of innovative products to improve lives.

It is our drive to find such products or to develop them ourselves.

We want to bring people forward in their actions and their personality in a sustainable way.


We develop and distribute products in the segment of active and sports chairs.

The products available from us are among the absolute benchmark products in their respective categories worldwide.

We have deliberately specialised in all components of the drive wheel.

Only through specialisation is it possible to accumulate the necessary know-how to select the best components in each case - and where necessary, to create them ourselves.

We are the point of contact when it comes to selecting or putting together the best possible product exactly according to our customers' requirements.

Regardless of whether it is a complete wheel or its individual components.


We work in close friendship with manufacturers, wheelchair athletes and sports clubs as well as rehabilitation centres. We can therefore draw on many years of experience.

Due to the proximity to our customers and partners, we get direct and unfiltered feedback on products and current trends and can react quickly.


This experience is paired with our technical know-how and our unrelenting drive not to simply accept existing limits and to constantly develop products further.

Our core criteria here are always maximum function and durability with minimum weight, coupled with outstanding aesthetics.


What comes out of it:

Innovative products that serve only one purpose: to give you the opportunity to develop your full potential.

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