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Who we are

Falk Hofmann - CEO

Dipl.-Ing. Falk Hofmann (CEO) - The visionary

Falk has experienced innovation first-hand over the years as a co-founder of a company in the bicycle sector and as an active athlete. He knows about the potential for improvement - including in wheelchair sports. He now combines his experience and creativity at Brave Components and in the development of tauwerk wheels.

"Some of my friends are wheelchair users and competitive athletes. So my connection to the subject is much more than a purely professional one. With Brave Components, I can combine my know-how with my passion. That makes me burn for this cause every day."

Felix Eckert (CFO) - The Generalist

The airline pilot learned how important, and in some cases life-saving, innovation is in air travel with Germany's largest airline. He now brings his technical know-how and the entrepreneurial knowledge he has acquired over the years to Brave Components. If you ask Christian and Falk what Felix's particular strengths are, they say: "He structures our ideas and makes sure the numbers add up!"

"I have been friends with Falk for a long time. When he told me about the project, it was clear to me: I want to and will support this all the way."

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Günther (R&D) - The developer

The passionate mountain biker and racing cyclist knows the relevance of well thought-out and reliable high-performance components. He now brings his more than ten years of experience, including as a test engineer in the automotive sector at IAV and in component strength research at Chemnitz Technical University, to Brave Components.

"For me, innovation is based on creative ideas and the courage to leave the beaten track. What is necessary, what makes sense, what can be left out? For me, developing added value with and for our clients is both motivation and aspiration."

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